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Our Founders.

TransOp4 Technologies began as a journey to solve a major problem happening around the globe; a lack of access to health facilities in times of crisis. The existing solutions to natural & manmade disaster wasn't able to address cost limitations, shipping limitations, inaccessibility to supplies, & the lack of readily available "flex space" for existing facilities. So in 2019 they designed a solution, a customizable & pre-outfitted portable unit that could be deployed anywhere in under 15 minutes. By 2022 the team assembled to address how they could put this invention to use. Together they formed TransOp4 to address the ever-growing need to accessible & immediate "flex space" across the healthcare industry in its greatest time of need. TO4 partners with some of the world's leading healthcare providers to address natural disaster, health crisis, accessible healthcare, & humanitarian aid & relief across the globe. 

Blue Background

Mark Hall serves as President & CEO of TRANSOP4. As a conservation ambassador & environmental entrepreneur he cofounded TransOp4 in response to a global issue; emergency healthcare response & preparedness. Mark formerly served as the President/CEO and was a member of the Board of Directors of Fusion Laboratories. He has over thirty years of experience working with development organizations from start up to exit. 

Throughout his career, Mark has had various roles and held senior management responsibilities in private and public companies including; SimTec, Businessland, Bell Atlantic, Trammell Crow Joint Ventures, (the INFOMART), BRBA, and BrightStar Information Technology Group. In addition, Hall was co founder of Commerce Catalyst, BrightStar Information Technology Group, and Fusion Laboratories, Inc.

Hall has served on the Board of Directors, for several national and regional companies (public and private) providing guidance for Vision Source Optical, Capital Adventures, Channel-n, Right Media Solutions, RTSL, Rxoid , EarthX currently, and diligently works with several large philanthropic orgs that provide economic assistance and strategic visioning for nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S.

He studied in Psychology and Management at Missouri State University. and was a member of Phi Sigma Epsilon

Jeff Blankinship cofounded TRANSOP4 in an effort to lead in healthcare innovation in an underserved arena. As a healthcare services leader, entrepreneur and innovator with a long, successful track record of helping providers enhance operational excellence, automate manual processes, improve data integrity through software development, attain profitable, sustainable growth and deliver exceptional value and service to patients.  Over 30 years in healthcare, he has developed a range of breakthrough administrative and financial solutions to help hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, private practices, specialized care centers and other ancillary services to improve efficiency and opportunity while saving time and money.

Jeff has led multiple successful healthcare oriented companies including Surgical Notes, Surgical Captive, SmartHealth PayCard, Surgical Funds, Surgery Center Network, & several other organizations. He serves on the board of Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society. 


Jeff attended SMU for Business Administration & Marketing.

Ric Pearson serves as Research and Design for TRANSOP4 where he is  dedicated to providing options and consulting for medical and emergency facilities and technologies.  Ric served as a Divisional S-3 CBRN liaison in the United States Army National Guard where he coordinated training, implementation, and strategies for natural and manmade emergencies within the military theater at a divisional and battalion level. While serving in this capacity Richard also formulated defense strategies against both conventional and nonconventional threats against facilities and civilian populations. This work resulted in a hands-on understanding of various threats, and the development of strategies to identify and deter these threats. Ric is uniquely qualified  in architecture, urban planning, and military knowledge. This knowledge allows him to interface with local and federal agencies as well as understand the practical sides of construction and management.

Ric has a bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Houston and a bachelor degree in Environmental Design from the University of Houston.


4311 Oaklawn Suite 210

Dallas, TX 75025


Trans Op 4

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